ALA Car Fire

Sunday morning, as I woke up to get ready for No Pants that morning, I see a post on my facebook feed about some kind of incident near the convention just the night before. Not sure what happened I looked at the comment to learn some cars caught on fire. As the day went on I learned more and more of what happened, and was a arson job targeting one car, but totaled 6 more.

Thing is, I wasn’t at that convention, but a number of friends were, and some were staying at the hotel where the fire started. From what I understand, the person who performed this act was guy that was upset about a girl he liked who rejected him. Now I understand that being rejected sucks, but is your ego so fragile you have to completely destroy another persons property? Or harm them in another way?

Some people really need to learn how to accept, not everyone is going to like you how you want them too.

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