Anime Expo Lite

Sometime between during 2005 and 06, I came to learn about the cosplay community. Basically, people that dress up as some fo their favorite characters and goto gathers. Since one of my favorite holidays was halloween, mostly because I liked the idea of dressing up and going out this really interested me because it seemed like a year round thing. Summer 2006, I was talking to a friend about this and she told me about Anime Expo. I asked when it is and said it already past for the year. The next year I was ready for what was my first convention. I didn’t know what to expect, but enjoyed far more then I thought I would.

Fast forward to 2020, covid hits and cancels all kind of events I was looking forward to for the entire year. At least so far up to halloween. But, The people at Anime Expo decided to hold something anyways that we can view online. Not all heroes wear capes.

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