Black Lives Matter

This has been a hard year, and this last week has been especially. If only some people would have listened to the Black Lives Matter movement from the start that have been talking about how there needs to be police reform and actual justice for the deaths of unarmed black people. And with the widely seen murder of George Floyd was another major spark. These protests going now, would not be happening, or at least not to this scale if there was police reform, and if the cops involved with his death where arrested and changed there.

I’ve stood by this movement because I understand it’s importance. Black lives do matter because they have been an important part of our country. They helped build it, help create much of our culture, and have always been treated cruelly thought out our history here just for where they have ancestry from. Black people are also capable of great things, like with the Tuskegee Airmen who more than proved themselves when fighting nazis.

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