Video from Mrs. Kasha Davis, contestant from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Story time…

I’m sure this isn’t news to most of you, but there was a non-binary kid going by the name of Nex Benedict, who was recently murdered. And sadly, I think they might be this generations Matthew Shepard, which his murder was a turning point for me. I would far prefer peoples mind change in a more positive way, and not involve the murder of a child.

Now, I am a straight cis-gender guy, and I joke about my pronouns being dude/bro, but I also tell people I was homophobic as a kid and entirely had to do with what I was led to believe before. Things started to slowly change as I find myself meeting people who were gay, lesbian or bi, then I learned about what had just happened to Matthew. And what I once believed completely went out the window. 

I just remembering feeling angry realizing I was being lied to the entire time about the queer community. And as much as these self-righteous pricks like to claim “the gays and trans are looking for victims!” The queer community are the victims, of the very people who spread the lies about them.

And go around claiming things like how they target kids, and are trying to change everyone to be more like them. These same tactics I remember hearing about as a kid are being used again now. And most of these lies originate from religious leaders, who oddly enough, have a history of abusing kids, and covering it up. And the only people I’ve ever had try to convert me into anything are the religious.

Now, I put a lot of blame on the murder of Nex on Chaya Raichik, also known as libs of tiktok, who helps push the lies, claiming they are “protecting the children.” These people have no interest in protecting anyone, otherwise they would have demanded change after Sandy Hook. But no, they just got upset at those kids for not being bulletproof, and harassed the families of the victims.

Now something Mrs. Kasha Davis would say, there is always time for kindness, which is true, and I believe in treating people as they deserve to be.

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