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Where Ever I May Romani

In the wild world of the internet, people post crazy memes that sometimes make no sense. Now and then you find something that catches your attention because of a claim about how something doesn’t look familiar to you. For example, no place in LA looks like that.

Now, yes, there is a homeless problem, that I think we are doing a poor job at taking care of. Yet we can look at models like that of what was done in Utah, THAT WORKED, and make it national.

Now, often some people complain about migrants and refugees coming into a new country, and not assimilating with the local customs and such. Which is oddly enough something I’ve seen happen most of my life. Hell, turns out more often than not, even invaders will learn about other cultures and take elements they like and incorporate it to their way of life. Genghis Khan is an example of just that.


Sympathy, And Some Taste

So, I’ve been having trouble thinking of a good halloween costume idea for this year. One I had in mind was a taco, and I planned on using newspaper that I would color to help make the filling (meat, lettuce, cheese, etc.), but believe that might end up being to much a hassle when I’m out in West Hollywood. Last weekend while out with the GF, she gave me an idea. A simple one, but would work. The Devil.

I don’t want to go for a far to obvious or common take, so I made my own version taking some inspiration from the show Lucifer, on style of dress. Only fitting for someone like me to be such a figure, since I’ve been Jesus before, and a god of mischief. It’s funny, thought I find Jesus more often, I was much more popular as Loki. I wonder how well I’ll do as the most popular rebel in folklore?

It felt nice drawing something again after so long from making the last one. I really need to get myself to do this more often.


What Changed His Mind?

Or is this a special case Trump is willing to ignore? It’s almost as if his own rules don’t alloy to him or his family. This possibly sounds like corruption to me. I’ve mainly found trump critics outraged by this, yet his supporters are either ignoring it or trying to drive away from the subject. I am not surprised in anyway.


Because It’s A New Trend

I remember as a kid, games like Mortal Kombat, and music from people like Marilyn Manson was influencing kids to want to kill everyone. At least, thats what I was told by some people that had no idea what they were talking about. Mortal Kombat started off as a game with a gimmick, which in turn came out to be really funny. Mainly because of the fatalities, because some of them can have you laughing pretty hard form how over the top it is. Marilyn Manson’s music is meant to shock. That’s kind of it, and much of it is also pretty well written.

I’ve also seen old news reports about rap music encouraging people to join gangs, and shoot cops. When in reality they were talking about they world they were living in. And if you still don’t understand what was being talked about, watch the movie Straight Outta Compton, that should be a nice visual aid. People fear art, or like to promote the fear of it, because it seems to me when people are creative, they are more difficult to control. As seen in the movie Jesus Camp, if you can take the imagination and wonder out of a kid, they are damaged for life.


It Happened Again

And every time, the onion has the prefect response for it. I think what bothers me most about the mass shootings is there are some people that immediately say something about how their guns will be taken away because of each mass shooting. If that’s what you are worried about, your guns, you have the wrong priories.


The… Terror?

Now and then I see a photo of a person dressed up as a vagina. Usually at some kind of rally, but I’ve also seen it on halloween. Sometimes I also see people get upset with such images as if everyone knows what it is and they should be scared. Some people are so weak.


Excuse Now?

I made this based on a political cartoon I saw awhile ago about asking the first question. Many people seem to believe the reason school shootings started happening because teacher led prayer was taken out of public schools when there is no truth to that. There have always been school shootings. And then people are surprised when there is a shooting at a church this time, when it’s happened before. And of course people need to make up claims to fit a narrative they believe in, spread it around and create bigger problems.

It never fails, the man shootings will never stop, and people will keep pretending to care and lie.


Gangster Link

Kind of something that’s been floating around in my head for awhile after getting my Link Hoodie from Six on Clothing. I ended up making this drawing real quick today. I plan on doing this during Nerdbot Con this weekend, minus the gun, because I don’t have one. And if you notice I drew the gun on the left hand, because Link is left handed.


How Do You Protest?

When Kaepernick did his own protest about how black people are wrongfully treated in the US, people complain and tell him to shut up and play. So is that all you care about, with the black community? them playing sports and your team winning? When people do so in the streets, people complain. It’s like you can never win. Yet, some of those same people defend others who have for years talked about committing genocide, and make false claims of their rights being taken away, and being killed off en mass. that’s not happening.


Do You Like Coffee?

So, this happened today to Alex Jones, I lol’d. No really, it’s a pretty funny video, first he seems to be picking a fight with a guy flipping him off and rages on him for it. God, what a baby. Then another guy trolls him and tosses coffee in his face. All I could think of when seeing this was how he calls all kind of stories he doesn’t agree with as fake news, make claims of false flag operations, or a hoax. A guy like him needs to be made fun of.