Category: Classics


The Hell Dude

sirevil classic: I mean like, really old photoshop of mine. not a whole lot I did, I just wanted to find the largest pic of this guy I could at the time and this was it. at the time Dell was having these ads with this guy in it say “dude your getting a dell” and it annoyed most of the planet… so I heard.

so me being me I remade like this, and had to custom make the H which wasn’t hard really. and then added the flame effect to the letters.

something that was funny later on is the guy got caught with weed


Mad Cow

sirevil classic: So awhile back people were talking about how scared they are about mad cow disease, when it started getting talked about in the news again. I think there was a case in the US or canada somewhere at the time, so I figured why not try to give an idea what a mad cow would look like.