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Oh, Look at what I Found

During the Chinese New Year parade saturday. I swear, almost every parade I’ve been in or seen around LA has some people with their signs. Last time I completely wiped what was on a persons sign and added my own text insulting them was at comic con last year and decided to do so again here. I think I’ll start doing this for now on and hope it spreads far enough to where the person in the photo will eventually see it.


Blast Away

A photo was posted on reddit requesting some photoshoppings of it. Only idea I had in mind really.


Captain America: Civil War

So this seems to have become some kind of meme, and funny one at that. I decided to of course make one of my own and the only idea I had in mind is to use a screenshot from Not Another Teen Movie, which I do remember watching, and it was was kind of funny, at the most.

Well, it’s going to be a while till the new Captain America movie comes out, which I will watch, but first, Avengers: Age of Ultron. Then Terminator Genisys, and Ant-Man, the new Star Wars movie, Dawn of Justice, and likely at least a handful more of movies. I have so much to look forward to.


Break the Internet

Well, the internet did go crazy after this got online. Personally, I don’t like Kim Kardashian, never really did. At first I didn’t care about her, figured she would just go away soon after people started talking about her but nope, I still hear about what she is up to and it’s difficult to avoid.

Now I’m sure as anyone checking this page would know, there have been a number of other people that have photoshopped the original photo. Many of them funny, and even buzzfeed got in on it with some of the guys form the site doing a shot of themselves doing the same thing. Well, as I can only say, I really hope she just goes away. Also, so many adjustment layers.


And the Winner is…

During the Oscars the other night a friend of mine posted this… “Congrats on your Oscar! Great speech!” I wasn’t watching them at all or really paid attention to anything about it but I knew exactly what she was talking about when she said that. Jared Leto had just won an Oscar, and I later found out what he said during his speech. I responded with “thanks! what did I say again?”

I said a few other things about it on my page and other friends of mine responded how they had to do a double take when watching because they thought that was me.

anywho, the photo of Jared leto from who knowns where, the buddy christ edit from Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian, and, you know whats up with the last one.


What is Bieber doing here?

So the show The Soup put up this photo of the little twerp jumping off a cliff and they asked us to photoshop him into something new. Of course people photoshopped sharks in so I did something else completely.


Windows XP

Rather old photoshopping, if you can call it that being I didn’t do much with this. From what I remember I saw some story about this version having critical flaws and I just had to do something with it. Interestingly enough I didn’t find myself running into to many problems with Windows XP when ever I used it, but I will always remember how much people complained about the next version, Vista after it came to.