That awkward moment when you are at a bachelor party for one of your best friends at in a cornhole tournament to be his best man, and it turns out you are in an episode of the AppleTV+ show, Shrinking. I’m in two different scenes for this, the game and the wedding. And yes, my hair was in a bun for the cornhole game, but was down during the wedding.

One thing I want to say was during the cornhole game, Jessica and Ted were so much fun especially when they were playing along together. And I’m hoping there will be some blooper reels from the cornhole game because they said some really good off script stuff that I wish could have made the final cut. Anyways, the wedding was filmed first, and I remember talking to Jessica and said she looks so familiar but couldn’t place where from. Then it hit me after I got home, she was a correspondent on The Daily Show.

The next week was the game and I told her I always remembered a segment she did about women being harassed on the street just minding their own business. By the end of the segment she mentioned a good deterrent was a a pair of headphones, the bigger the better, then showed her a version this with text saying “music on, people off” and she was partly the inspiration. And that I also want to put it on a shirt. Yeah, I’m really lazy about getting that up. Unfortunately I have no idea where to find that segment from The Daily Show. I am so glad I got tube a part of this show.

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