Covid – Omicron Variant

Here, let me let out a slow, deep and disappointing breath and say… Well that sucks. Photo from this post form here. Like, I still remember saying my best hope is the pandemic will be over during last summer. So as summer was slowly coming to an end I realized that wasn’t going to happen. For awhile now I’ve been saying we are going to be wearing masks still into next year, and hopefully this time things will be mostly over with by next summer.

But it’s crazy how far into the greek alphabet we are with the variants. I saw a post a friend made recently saying “I did want to learn greek this way.” Which is funny because before we were by hurricane. I don’t know if it will get here in the US, but this is why it is important to be vaccinated. I know they aren’t perfect and I don’t know of anyone saying it is, but at least it does give a fighting chance.

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