Dear Anti-Vax Folk. Please shut up!

You have no idea how much of a problem you are causing. And the excuses made on why there is a measles outbreak right now is insanely stupid. I’ve seen someone make claim that it’s going around because, “Illegals are coming in from Mexico and they being bussed around the country.” I remember that story from last year, what was happening was there were kids that were coming to the US from other Central American nations trying to escape conflict going on in the area. Yes, many were sick but as I read the story it sounded like they were being taken to other hospitals so they can get treatment. Sadly, one claim at the time of what was being brought in by the refuges was ebola, which as I suspected was a compete lie. What further kills that argument is in 2013 there was also another measles outbreak that happened that was centered around a north Texas church.

Two friends of mine have a son, not even a year old yet and to young to get his measles vaccination, had some kind of rash on him that was being problematic. Test results come in and was confirmed to be measles. Now, you would hope most people would read this comic to understand why we should get our shots, but, there are far to many idiots around so what can you do?

Sadly, anti-vaccination campaigns are nothing new.

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