Do They Even Know?

I often wonder about some people, if they truly believe what they say? If they say what they do just to make themselves feel better? Or if they do just to sucker people on to their side? And the people who support Trump, do they really believe everything he says? I don’t understand how a person can support the military, while also being an outright insult to it. I personally rather not see those who join get sent to a war that will only ruin lives for the selfishness of others, which will also get people to hate us for our own stupidity.

Now, will people claim this image is a lie? why yes they will, So I’ll post licks showcasing each instance like that of vets, the families, defense, our generals, being bigger, the STD’s, pay raises, war crimes, and avoiding war. But even with all this proof, his supporters will just say it’s all fake. This is why I keep saying it’s like a cult, because the behavioral patterns of the main trump support base has so much in common with cults.

The words of this, person, is that of a pathological liar, and a charlatan.

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