Don’t Mess With My Games

For as long as Trump is in office, I will never stop speaking out against him. I just don’t understand how how someone so entitled, that’s cheated, lied about, and bullied people from what I can tell is all his life can be placed in such a position of power that he has abused. Then to be willfully excused for on anything.

But anyways, I honestly believe if you are a trump supporter, you no longer have the right to play video games. I’ve played them for as long as I can remember, and it’s been more therapeutic for me. I was never really a happy kid but playing helped me escape my world of suck. I did play Mortal Kombat, but that didn’t make me what to kill anyone, the people knew then did because of how I was treated. With that said, it’s pretty bold of a person to blame video games for violence, when you have encouraged it yourself, and lied about it.

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