Don’t Repeat Past Mistakes

After all, that is the reason we learn about history, right? One instance I can remember learning about as a kid involved both world wars. Before the first war there was a lot of tension between France and Germany to a point everyone was expecting things to blow up at any moment. So to prepare themselves France set up fortification along the border incase the Germans attacked and would be taken down. To get around that Germany literally went around and plowed their way through Belgium to catch the French by surprise.

Twenty Five years later France sets up the Maginot Line and completely forgets what the Germans did the last time, and fell. That’s just one instance, and it seems history repeats itself far more often than we all realize like we have done before in our own country. A nation isn’t meant be run like a business because they are two completely different things. I also remember coming across a quote from Adam Smith, the father of capitalism himself talking about how, “The government of an exclusive company of merchants is, perhaps, the worst of all governments for any country whatever.” Which is exactly what we’ve had for far too long. It’s like some people just choose not to learn from our mistakes.

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