DragonCon ’22 – Day 3 – Part 1

I’m pretty sure we’ll be well into next week by the time I’m done uploading everything. And for any new people here, The reason I split large albums is to help prevent you from being overwhelmed by what could be well over a hundred photos in one sitting. I mean, who does that? That and I have more content to post during possible coming droughts.

Anyways, this first set of photos are from the parade. I laced up blades, and rolled right in. Something I found out about the first day was in order to be on the parade route you needed a special type of pass, or in this case, wrist band, otherwise you’ll get yelled at and told to get off. Met with the people I needed to, showed them my skating video and they basically said, here you go. First time I skated with my camera was during Doo Dah in 2009, and all I thought about was making my life easier taking photos during that parade, using another skill I already long had.

Now I feel like I overhyped myself on it, because pride is a pretty high standard, but it was fun still. But still had all the brightness and color as pride. Would do again next year.

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