Eat The Rich

I remember as a kid learning about economic systems like capitalism and communism, and had this idea in my head both these concepts were some kind of direct enemies of each other. Years later doing my own research for my own entertainment I notice some interesting commonalities. You read about some of Smith’s writings and find he was about helping the public because how they get cheated, much like what Marx had in mind with his work. Then I later came to realize Marx apparently thought Smith has some good ideas but hated how they were what he saw was corrupted. So then when he wrote his books it seemed to be conceptualized as a from of capitalism, but to more an extreme.

Now something else I’ve done that’s entertained me is posting this Smith quote by itself without any context of where it comes from. Then when they would call me a communist or socialist based on my comment I would share this one image I found years ago showcasing the origin of the line saying “So why do you hate capitalism?” The excuses the other person makes to defend themselves, like claiming “you put that out of context” when that is the context. Saying the line is fake, or or just making something else up completely. It’s great.

But, I want my own image to share of this line. So I made this, and grabbed the image from here because I’m feeling a bit to lazy to actually make something.

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