El Regalo (The Gift)

That awkward moment when you are at a birthday party for a friend at their very nice vineyard, and it turns out you are in an episode of the ABC show, Promised Land.

This was a rather entertaining day on set. It started off where I parked, bused to wardrobe, then bused to the filming area which was right across the street from where we parked. I also remember looking at the staging area and based on the design of the house and what we could be looking outward to I thought this show was taking place in Florida, like, South Beach area. Nope, California wine territory. I also saw a friend of mine there and when it became night it got real cold. Also remember asking one of the actresses if she was cold in the dress she was wearing. Told me she is but it’s worth wearing.

But something really crazy, pretty sure there was a scientologist on set. I was talking to her about the Hollywood Carnaval, which led to her to talking about the Hollywood Christmas Parade. I said how I know about that and how Scientology likes to be in it and how they don’t like me. So as I was about to ask her, “you’ve heard stories of how they stalk people right?” she went on the attack.

Basically said a whole bunch of legal jargon, kept calling me a criminal, and constantly interrupting me. Even when telling her about how I’ve been stalked, threatened, and even assaulted by scientologists, she told me I deserved it for being at a protest against them. Told her about how scientology has in fact faked death and bomb threats on themselves, said it was an internet rumor. Then when I told her about how it was uncovered she said “ok, one person went to jail for it.” No, this was huge! And a lot of people went to federal prison, including Hubbard’s 3rd wife. Also accused me of attacking their beliefs but I was just talking about the behavior.

Anyways, look forward to my next time on set.

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