Fight for Choice

I don’t really have anything to post right now, but bugged because the right for a woman to choose when it comes to reproductive rights is threatened, because of leaked info. I’ve said many times before that the “pro-life” movement isn’t about protecting anyone, but started as an attack against the birth control movement over 100 years ago. And remember watching an interview with Margaret Sanger talking about how the church wants birth control banned because she read it in their newsletters talking about how they just want to fill seats. Then once they realized they lost that fight it changed to abortion.

Years later as a kid, I remember stories started to break about catholic church leaders sexually abusing kids, then I later learned how that has historically been problem. Then later on online to read other stories from people who were abused by their church leaders, who weren’t actually catholic, but also happen to have been violently anti-abortion. Then I started to ask myself at that time, is that why they want more kids born? for their leaders? I also figure it’s so they have more bodies to send to war, which also makes sense. This is going to be bad.

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