Frostbrood Proto-Wyrm 

While Warcraft had kind of a long maintenance period set for this morning, I decided to play a little bit of the classic game of Wrath of the Lich King, just to get this mount that I didn’t really plan on getting anyways, but decided to just to kill time. So in order to get it you have to play through the Death Knight starting experience, then you can just open up retail, and it’s there.

But, here is my little review of Classic WoW. It’s a bit harder to play, and I don’t mean by it’s harder to fight your enemies. What I mean is some of the systems that help in game play aren’t there. Mainly because this is the version of the game that exists before the last decade, and features like, where to go on a quest as pointed out on the map, wasn’t there in 2008. When you loot mobs you kill, you have to walk up to each one instead of it being collectively picked up just be walking up to one guy. Much of the UI is like that from the late ’00’s, and it’s really big. And it’s using the old model files, so it looks very different.

I get Classic is very popular for nostalgia reasons, but I’m a casual player; and I want to limit my travel to and from major cities and certain zones endnote be lost soften. I just want to get up and go. But if you enjoy Classic, have it at, I won’t stop you.

As for the photo, the pose the mount was making wasn’t what I was trying to get, but the animation kicked in that moment. I also wish I had more camera control because it’s harder to get certain angles and the right framing I prefer, and I say this as an actual photographer. But it looked cool anyways.

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