Further Ranting

Yeah, I’m still angry about ai images. And what’s really messed up is when I see ai, I want to think of Adobe Illustrator. Plus I find it really irritating when people call it ai art, because it isn’t art, it’s just not. It steals from other peoples work, and is used by so many in an abusive way. And the worst part is how many people will see an ai photo and believe it’s real. I just want to share with the world that despite the darkness with me, I see it as bright and colorful. 

And there are so many other people who have great stuff, even your favorite thirst trap artists do something of value. I guess I’m just frustrated with ai images being used to push agendas, when I believe it should be used to make certain tasks easier or humor reasons. I just want something done about the people who abuse it. Perhaps this is also me angry about how I don’t believe I get the attention I believe I should. But here is a video about my frustration.

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