Happy Birthday Lisa

On this day 15 years ago was the first worldwide protest against scientology by the internet collective anonymous known as Project Chanology. It is also the birthday of Lisa McPherson, a scientologist who died in their care due to negligence. I came over mainly to take photos, and ended up becoming an outspoken critic because they had the gall to send a lawyer lackey to my door to try making legal threats to me. 

I still wonder how they found out my name, where I live, along with that info of hundreds or even thousands of other protesters.

I also decided to learn more about them and other cults, and found scientology was by far among the very worst due to a brand of terrorism they practice involving stalking, harassment, threats, frivolous lawsuits, even falsifying evidence against you like making death and bomb threats in your name, just for speaking out. Don’t believe me look up Operation Freakout and Operation Snow White. Even former members who speak out aren’t safe and are lied about.

Since then I’ve become the local cult expect among most of my friends. I also learned about certain behavioral patterns and traits to look out for so if someone I know, especially a person in a vulnerable state gets caught up in such a situation I can catch it early on and warn them that they could be getting taken advantage of.

Other common traits in cults is they have this idea they are saving the world and they are the only ones who can do it. Heavily active in communities to try to convince others they are the greater good, but it’s to hide their true intent or cover up abuses. The leader is never to be questioned or criticized, other wise such is act is viewed as a crime. The leader claims they know the real truth and only they can fix such problems but do little to none of the work. Controlling what news and media followers can consume while saying everyone else is bias and wants evil to thrive, while also controlling which outside people they can talk to. Also no sense of humor. I learned about this stuff for a reason.

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