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Well, Was a pretty small con, and the fact another going on in Pomona, that was more well known likely didn’t help. I saw much of the cosplay contest, and there was plenty of good costumes out. And it seems it wasn’t just first place getting cash prizes. On day 2 there was a fashion show, and found some people that I know who were involved with it. Well, hopefully if they do it again next year it will have more stuff. I was there as Neo from The Matrix.

Now to promote some people. Ran into some people promoting a movie that should be coming out this year, Zombiecon. Got a small container of smile I got to make form Mad Science of LA. Some app called, Concon, which is to help you find out about coming conventions. And pages of cosplayers, prop makers, and other stuff. 562comics Sarah Storm Cosplay, Ireland Reid,
Wonder Woman Is real, Camislyce Cosplay, The Props Shop, Eastside Photography, and last, Nerdtabulous.

I’ll start loading photos up during the day.

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