How To Be Hopeless

Guess I would say the point of this hour long video from Carlos Maza (yeah, nearly an hour long) is… check your fucking ego!

I do that myself, or at least try. I don’t see myself as some kind of savior, I’m not trying to save the world, I’m just trying to live in it and enjoy my time here while I can. There have been moments I’ve saved the day, but was never looking too. I just do what’s instinctual. But the thing is, it’s a little harder to live in this world when so many people get fooled by con artists and other opportunists, especially those who claim their purpose in life is to help others, bring “positivity,” and to be involved in saving the world. Because it eventually reaches others like me who are forced to intervene, or try to end the cycle of lies and manipulation.

Sometimes I do feel like the doctor type in the beginning of such stories being talked about who gives the warnings. One thing I’ve said for over 10 years that there is a rise in activity in right wing extremism and white supremacy, and I know I’m not the only one to see it coming. The reason I caught on is because I recognize certain behavioral patterns and traits which I learned about for a reason. To help prevent people from falling into the trap. Because once again, harder to live in the world with such problems, taking away the fun I want to have.

Then the reactions of some people you know, especially if it’s someone you care about that you catch in another possibly bad situation, when they believe is something truly amazing, and it starts off with them being in a vulnerable state. Even if it’s unrelated to the subject above, you let them know, you provide info from experts, try to be nice about it and they attack you. And I’ve seen that same kind of behavior with scientology. Then say you don’t know better, not giving a shit of what you think or say, and feel like they don’t give an actual shit about you. Sometimes you wonder if they ever did. It just breaks your heart. Then you know when it all comes to an end, you’ll be the one they ask for help, and say, “I should have listened to you.”

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