In for repairs

My computer is at the shop right now, so far I know the power supply needs to be replaced. Video card might also have problems but I’m hoping not because that would mean more work for it. All I can do for now is wait. I’ll try to got some other photos for now with the iPad because that’s what I have to get online and post on here.

Oh, and to make things worse, I got an email from Blizzard for me to get in on the closed beta for one of their games in the works, Heroes of the Storm. Such wrong timing because I wanted to check that out. What I would be doing with it is helping to spot bugs and help with balance which knowing me I wouldn’t find any issues, I would be to focused on playing it.

Also for now, to help keep myself from getting bored, for anyone that comes by, recommend some movies to watch for now? I like stuff with awesome visual effects and action. Like a superhero movie, sci-fi like Starship Troopers, or fantasy like Lord of the Rings. Do comment please.

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