In Today’s Fake News

There are plenty of fake news sites out there, from The Onion, to The Nevada County Scooper, and “pro-life” “news” sites. Much of it is out of humor and sometimes you find a story people truly believe to be real. Then you can’t help but to make fun of them for it. Sometimes a person will come across a site masquerade as a legitimate news agency that clearly don’t look like it was made by a team of web experts.

Like this guy, as soon as I saw the address I know he was duped. There has been a lot of talk bout that lately, about anti-Trump protests being funded by Soros, but I know it’s made up. Otherwise, might want to admit to the Tea Party Moment that did receive funding from the Koch bros. and had people bused around the country. You all do remember the Tea Party Express right? But really, the actually address for ABC is

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