LA No Pants ’22 – Canceled

Pretty sure I should have posted about this last month when it was announced. I believe this was a good call too because of the covid cases going up again. And consisting the fact we’ll be crammed in a bunch of subway and light rail cars for much of the day, it’s better to be safe. Anyways, here is a better version of a photo I took during the last no pants in 2020. I did a little more cleanup.

Anyways, here a copy/paste of the post made on facebook. It would be happening this sunday.

Hello Agents & Co-Conspirators,I hope this note finds you and yours having a wonderful and pantless holiday season.After careful consideration with my Co-Lead Pantless GuerilLA (formerly GLAImprov) Organizers (Agent Silky *Organizer Emeritus*, Agent Honkey, & myself, Agent Agent), and in full agreement with Charlie Todd, the founder of Improv Everywhere who started this whole Pantless extravaganza, we feel it’s once again best to pass over this year’s Mission. The pandemic, although loosening up its grip a bit, is once again putting a damper on our most cherished of days.

The Los Angeles No Pants Metro Ride is a time of removing the fabric barriers we usually wear in public, throwing our germaphobia to the wind, and overcrowding all of LA’s train cars. Obviously, for safety’s sake, this isn’t something we feel we can responsibly encourage or partake in.

Also, the TSA has extended the face mask requirement for individuals across all transportation networks throughout the United States, which includes all rail systems through January 18, 2022, and that is past what would be our yearly mission date which would have been on Sunday, January 9th.

With masks on we couldn’t see all the Marks laughing and smiling, nor could we see the Agents perfectly pulling off their straight faces in the midst of all the beautiful chaos we create… and those things are really the whole heart of The Ride.

We hope, right along with you, that we can return to our absurd normalcy soon and we truly miss all of your beautiful faces… and legs.

Please keep an eye on our socials for other upcoming Missions and for any updates on when we get to see a whole lot of one another once again! and

Thanks again for your support of the event in past years! Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Pantless, Agent Agent and Agent Honkey, Your Organizers, and Agent Silky, your Organizer Emeritus, #LosAngelesNoPantsMetroRide, GuerilLA (formerly GLAImprov)

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