LA No Pants Metro Ride ’18 – Photos

And here they are, my photos from the day. As much fun as I had this year, I feel a bit lacking in photos. As I mentioned before I started the day at FitExpo with my GF. Before heading out, I relaxed some to help get myself ready for the next event and I got a call from one of the ride captains asking if I can cover for the Willowbrook group because he was running late. Since I was close enough, and had planned on going there anyways I agreed. I had a nice handful of people with me.

There ended up being a slight set back with our train taking us downtown was late, so we missed the connection to Union Station we wanted, and we got there with little turn back time because the next step going to Santa Monica. I ended up rounding up the last group of people and we missed the train we wanted heading over. But with luck we were able to met with everyone in Tongva Park before the debriefing. After that was the after party at Ma’kai.

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