LA No Pants Metro Ride ’24 – Photos

After 4 years this has finally returned, and with me taking the led. And the wild part about me taking led, I saw that coming for a long time, because I knew there would be a point no one else would have taken the reins. We had at least a couple of dozen people, all coming from 6 different stations. We did have some issue when we got to Union Station because there were some staff people there that didn’t want us walking around without pants and asked us to step outside. That didn’t last long, and they couldn’t stop us either.

Got back on the train to Hollywood where we hung out at Mr. Tempo, which was the former site of Pig ‘N Whistle. I had some food there too and to be honest, it was good. And I didn’t stress about this as much as I feel like I should have. I think we had a successful mission, and next year will be bigger.

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