Let People Enjoy Things

As I do some slight planning for the Hollywood Carnival next month. I learn about this video from Childish Gambino, aka, Donald Glover, who I discovered while watching the show Community many years ago. Soon after some people posted a photo of him with his girlfriend and their kids together. Along with it people complain about him “not being woke” because he’s a black man in a relationship with a white woman. I didn’t know there was some kind of rule saying you have to date within your race.

This is an issue plenty of black friends, and my GF has told about when it comes to other interests of theirs. Asking why they like anime, or “non-black” styles of music. Who cares? Then there are white suprematists crying about a so called, “white genocide” which isn’t happening. This problem of attacking people for what they like because it doesn’t fit the cultural norms of their ancestry is an old idea that needs to die. It’s been seen around the world, for thousands of years. Let people enjoy things.

If you are black and like heavy metal, go listen to some Metallica. If you are white and like anime, watch some Cowboy Bebop. If you are asian and like hardcore punk and reggae, I know of a band for you. I believe we all need each other, and that we need to have a better understanding of each other so we don’t promote hatred based off of bogus claims. We don’t advance that way if we keep such old ideas going.

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