Light Streak

My camera is in for repairs. Why? this photo will give some idea. While I was at Anime Pasadena this weekend I took an outdoor shot to be my opening photo and noticed this streak of light and wasn’t sure why. Then I remember seeing it before while in West Hollywood on Halloween, with this photo and another. I also noticed it a few more times but was much lighter, but the rest of the night there everything looked fine. Seems it’s not as much a problem in low light.

Fast forward to Anime Pasadena, I noticed it more and wasn’t sure what was going on then it hit me. When was the last time I used my camera before this was showing up? The wrestling event I covered a few weeks ago. One wrestler did grab my camera as I was getting photos as part of his act, which I didn’t expect, so I think that’s what did it. It had a damaged shudder blade Especially since I looked at the wrestling photos again (which I still need to finish working on) and started seeing the streak in photos from the last match that night.

So my camera is out of commission for perhaps a few days. But should be ready well before LA Comic Con and Santacon.

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