Lockdown – The Revenge

I got this message on my phone this afternoon. I did mention recently cases as surging like mad and since it’s getting so bad safety is being highly encouraged. Earlier tonight I was putting up food because I had no power at my place. It was turned off because of the winds, and if any power lines got knocked down it would start a fire. Which completely explains why I didn’t post at all last night since it was off most of yesterday and only came back late this evening.

Anyways, while waiting in line I was talking to this one guy upset about these new orders basically saying “there is a 99.96% chance you’ll survive covid.” This is entirely wrong since I recently checked and the chance to die is 1.9%. The reason why people are saying there is a 0.04% chance of death is because they are given skewed numbers by people that don’t know how to estimate percentages, or those purposely fudging numbers to downplay it. People willfully believing these lies are why it’s getting out of control again.

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