Love and Gelato

That awkward moment when you are at a funeral for a friend that you raided with on warcraft, and it turns out you are in the netflix movie, Love and Gelato. I also asked some other people there how they knew the deceased, even some of the crew. One person said they were crashing the funeral. Anyways, YAY! my first movie! And I originally thought this was going to be mini series too.

I remember when we got our details they said bring what you can that’s orange, which was just the sunglasses, while the shirt was theirs. We filmed this at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where I saw that large, and friendly feral cat, and peafowl. I also remember some of the monuments there being so big you would think a pharaoh was buried there. What was also fascinating was seeing some tombstones with non-latin characters, like cyrillic, hebrew, armenian, and greek. That was a cool place, and everyone there was cool too.

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