This comment was left on one of my tiktok videos from Dragcon. It was of me being blessed by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. I’m pretty sure the people attacking them over mockery never heard of them till after the news broke about them getting an award from the Dodgers. Catholic groups like the catholic league spoke out against them, calling them controversial.

Perhaps it’s a good idea to look at people who led groups like the catholic league, like Bill Donohue who is very controversial himself. The sisters came to existence for a reason. Is it mockery? Honestly I don’t care, but those who attack them should be glad they aren’t acting in revenge. Plus you have to remember, there has always been a history of violence and terror upon the lgbtq community. But if you ask me, if you believe you should get special rights because of your faith while talking about how others should be treated like lesser beings, you don’t deserve any rights.

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