Negative Countdown

A few days ago I loaded this app on my phone, where you pretty much answer trivia questions, but must be done during certain times of the day. And you can win real money. Kind go like a game show. You are pretty much picked at random but answering questions does help increase that chance. So the next morning after I downloaded it, I got money. HA! Didn’t expect that. Nothing else after that but everyone else needs that chance too. But a funny thing happened yesterday while waiting for my questions, it started doing counting up. I twas over a minute and a half by the time it let me in, and I still got the chance to do something anyways, so all good still. Didn’t win anything, but didn’t lose anything either. Anywho, if you also download the app, be sure to use my referral code, cz7948z, and have fun.

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