Nerdbot Cosplay Gathering ’15

Not sure how often they do this, but I heard about it from a couple of friends. I figured even though I don’t have much interested going to cosplay gatherings I felt the need to check this one out since it wasn’t in Little Tokyo as some cosplays like to goto every weekend for some reason, and it’s kind of boring there. I was right to goto Griffith Park this time. There was more people there then I has expected and a BBQ was set up.

It took much longer to get there then I thought, I went further then I was supposed to and wondered in an area that wasn’t near where everyone was at. Luckily by the time I got there it didn’t peck yet so that made me feel better. Nice little thing to pop up before santacon next month, which I am of course excited about. I needed something since november tends to be rather dead.

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