New Year, New Ideas.

As 2013 comes to an end I’ve decided to do something interesting with the site. I happen to like various holidays, especially when it gives you an excuse to go out, have fun, and be weird like on Halloween, the Winter Holidays, or No Pants as it slowly is becoming around the world. So what I’m doing is changing up the header image in relation to whatever is coming up or going on and I’m going to try to do more things this year because I really feel I don’t do enough. Also I edited the background image (which is in fact also the header image, strange limitations) to be smaller in file size and more fitting to tablets (it was just something that bugged me about looking at the site on my iPad).

And since it’s New Years Eve I have the header image up for this time of year with fireworks going on in the background and I would get myself ready to go out but I don’t have anyone to join me right now so from the looks of it I might be spending the night playing warcraft. Oh well. Lets just hope this new year will be good to me. And for now, my video of the dogs again when they where still a few months old.

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