No More Mr. Nice Guy

No more mr clean. There is some really weird drama from a couple of well known tictokers, because one of them seemed to have used his influential status to make himself become polyamorous. He would ask some women that he could tell were into him how they feel about it and they said no, act like he’ll be exclusive with them but see other women anyways. What’s frustrating about it is the guy seems like he’s genially a good guy, knowledgeable, charming, and it turns out he’s kind of a scumbag.

It reminded me of this line I’ve said for years, and the reason I started saying that I believe has to do with scientology. They would call themselves champions of human rights, and the most ethical people on the planet and I’m like “NOPE! nope nope nope!” Because I’ve been stalked, harassed, threatened and assaulted by these people and always seen them justify such actions. Then I realized this kind of behavior is extremely common. Even realized I used to be like that at times when I was much younger.

Just be what you are comfortable with, try to be honest with who you are, be silly. And trust you instincts.

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