No Snake Oil!

If you haven’t been around the internet enough, there is a video of some doctors promoting the hydroxychloroquine drug, which has not been proven to be a cure for covid. And also talking about how masks don’t work. These people sound like quacks to me. But one thing that baffles me most is there people who actually believe there is suddenly a cure for a very recent virus, when none exist for any others before. There are treatments (which in some cases can also mean cure to some people, but I can’t entirely make that connection) for other viruses, but this takes years of research too find.

Yes, I agree, this all sucks, but I’m not looking for a miracle because that will take far to long. I just want people to try to keep themselves safe to help prevent the spread of the virus than it will die off on its own without new hosts. If everyone can agree to only go out if they need to everything can open up again in maybe two months. But with how many people have been behaving I don’t think anything will happen for the rest of the year.

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