Something I’ve said in a few posts before about the main trump base is that it’s cult. And as someone that dealt with people in cults, like scientology (mostly) I noticed very interesting match in behavior patterns. Even some cult experts (as in people far more experienced than me on the suspect) agree with my claim, and share my thoughts about QAnon, which is also very pro-trump.

But one thing I very much remember about the time Obama was in office, this kind of fanatical behavior didn’t exist like it does with Trump, at least not to this level. While there were people excited about Obama in office, which yes, I was one of them but I didn’t have flags, stickers, or cover myself up in everything Obama. I just have this from Crazy Shirts. And I didn’t expect to see this same kind of behavior with other Biden supporters.

But with that said, it’s kind of funny to see trump get impeached for the second time which I didn’t think could happen. Now to see what the Senate decides, and from what I understand if convicted he loses some post-presidential benefits. It’s nice to know this man will finally be held accountable for his actions and words for I believe is the first time in his life.

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