Open Street

Working on my photos from weho, but I wanted to share this photo from my phone for a reason. Usually a short while after the parade is over clean up crews are out to take away the barricades, collect trash on the street, and get everything ready for cars to drive on the blvd again. This year was different. I remember last year on Robertson, there was block closed off for other booths set up outside the festival. But it certainly expanded this year to a sizable portion of Santa Monica.

The fact the street was open for us into the night I really liked a lot, and I think next year, I’ll be there for saturday too. I’ve always enjoyed pride but this is the most fun I’ve had for sure. And I’ve encouraged a lot of people to be all kinds of silly. Because to me that’s what pride is, being yourself, and as silly as you want. Just as long as don’t try to hurt anyone.

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