Paramount And Netflix Protest

A few days ago, my fired who is a strike captain at Paramount messaged me saying some of the cast of Veep will be there in the morning. I was hoping to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus but I don’t think she was there. Mainly because I wanted tell her there is a line of her’s in Seinfeld that I still use to this day any chance I can get. Did see Gary Cole. After a little while I walked to Netflix which was a mile north. While there I saw Annette Bening.

I also came across a guy I met many years ago, before I started acting. Joseph McQueen, he was in the documentary Confessions of a Superhero and we talked about Hollywood Superman, Christopher Dennis who died years ago. But it was nice catching up with him. Anyways, I know I planned on doing Warner Bros this week but will happen next. Till then, see you at the line.

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