Poor Snowflake

If you’ve been on this site or know well enough, you would know about me one thing I do is background acting. On central castings page they made a post about COVID-19 to how to protect ourselves and this guy pops up. Not sure what he’s ranting about because that came out of nowhere, and explains to me why he’s upset. I always find it amazing how the people who cry about free speech, and how much they don’t like police correctness are the easiest to offend on the stupidest of things.

CC ended up deleting this comment, but after this bit on conversation I also said to him that he doesn’t like what other people write down for their shows on what they see others as, maybe he should make his own portraying others they don’t like in a light they view them as, or to go away. But here is the thing about the Proud Boys, they are overwhelmingly straight white guys.

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