Poorly Educated

For the longest time I always thought to myself to have such intense mental health issues, then when I see some of the things people say openly on the internet and I genuinely ask myself, am I in fact among the sane? Like, how is it you can post a link to something only for a person to call it fake, then turn it around and say “that’s not what they meant!” What kind of bizarro world are you coming from?

Further more it doesn’t matter if you repost actual tweets from don jr confirming russian officials offered help in the 2016 election and he said he’ll take it, They’ll call it fake. Have real video of trump saying I’ll pay legal fees for beating up protesters? They will call that fake too, then when you ask for them to back that up, they can’t. I also had them tell me democrat comes from the word, demon, justifying their non-sense in believing such people are evil. Demos is from ancient greek and it means, people. I’m not highly educated, at least I don’t consider myself that, but do try to keep myself informed. And trump did in fact say he loves the poorly educated.

Anyways, with that said I’m very low on content. Like, not much in events have been going on for awhile, but there is still the one I’m going to wednesday. I’m also waiting for some shows to air, in particular certain episodes I happen to be on. One was supposed to air last month but is being delayed for unknown reasons. So if there seems like days I haven’t posted anything, that’s why, nothing is going on and I’m not finding anything. Hopefully things will pop up again soon.

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