RIP Rosie the Baboon

At Moorpark College they have a teaching zoo, where students learn to train and care for wild or exotic animals. I had recently learned about what had happened to her, thought I am unable to find any kind of news story, I was able to find this.

It is with great sadness that we inform our loyal community of friends and alumni that our dear “Rosie”, the olive baboon, passed away on Tuesday, January 20th. Leaving us at the age of 35, “Rosie” was surrounded by her “team”, EATM staff and students.

Joining the ranks of “Chad”, the lion, and “Schmoo”, the California sea lion, we can now truly call “Rosie” an EATM Legend. “Rosie” helped educate thousands of California school children, taught close to 100 EATM students how to become the trainers they are today, and appeared on countless news programs to promote America’s Teaching Zoo and Moorpark College. From a college perspective, “Rosie” earned her tenure years ago and was a huge part of the Moorpark College Family and the entire community. She will be missed by her huge “troop” at EATM and Moorpark College.

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