Robin Williams

When it comes to the death of a person I tend not to feel much about it. Yet when I learned about the death of Robin Williams I actually found myself kind of sad. Possibly because I’ve always felt entertained by him growing up. Some of the things that have been bothering me about his death is first of all, the claims made on why he did so when I must ask, how do you know? And the news telling us how he did it. I don’t want to know this.

One issue talked about in his death was a possible depression he was suffering from and as we all know, Robin Williams always seemed like a fun and entertaining guy and made effort to make others feel better about themselves. Yet it is known that many people who act in such a way may be hiding something inside and are worried about the reaction everyone else will give. I can confirm this because I had the same problem through much of my life and it still lingers in me to this day. Yet, I do want people to know this about me, that I am damaged and I’m not sure I will ever get out of what is wrong with me. My reasoning why I want others to know is because in a way it’s therapeutic.

To me it’s also important my friends know this, that why I feel I’m being honest and that in some way I also feel I’m keeping them safe. But if you feel there is something wrong with you psychologically, don’t be afraid to let it out. And I really need to get myself to draw more.

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