Ru Paul’s Dragcon ’16 – Day 2 Photos

Also the last day. Not open as long (as it always is for cons) but still got a lot of nice stuff. But I also get a lot of cards from people and never really say much about any of them, so here goes.

I got a signed photo from a Robin Slonina from the show Skin Wars. Haven’t seen it so now I think I will. Something from Crown Jewels Entertainment, with a promocode, dragcon, for 10% first booking. Wigs by vanity, with a coupon code, dragcon2016, 20% off your next ƜberRiah (not sure what that is but i’m guessing a type of wig). AssTricks Apparel. Arda Wigs, and for 10% your next wig use code, ardadragcon2016. Met some people form the show Transcendent. Yummy Corsents. Sharon Sharealike who does boobs for queens and drag skins. and got to see a nice little performance form Deven Green who did a mash up of a metallica song on something else on what looked like an electric ukulele. I am also just learning she plays Betty Bowers. I hugged her to, that makes me so happy. I know I got some more stuff from others, but seems to of lost track or not enough info for a site I can share.

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