San Diego Pride ’16

So, I went down here for the parade saturday with the Imperial Forces Rainbow Squad. Pretty much star wars fans and cosplayers promoting equality, the LGBT community and enjoying themselves. Left LA pretty early in the morning to get there, took a little while to find where to park, then a long wait for the shuttle bus to the start of the parade route, were one of the last groups to get on the route,all taking so long we finally got on and it as all good. I wore my yoda shirt saying “my finger, pull” and a lot of people liked us. Some of the parade watching come up and asked for photos of everyone in costume. Despite the heat, watching people show them love made them all very happy.

By the time we got we were done with the parade, most of us were tired, some wanted to remain and hang around (like) but those I drive down with wanted to head back. Over all, i enjoyed my day,and got a nice drink from someone promoting something called, Suja. It was also cold so that felt good. I”m glad I got to be in that parade again after all these years of missing out on it. Would do again.

But hopefully next year, I’ll hang around longer.

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