Satanic Panic

A common theme with art or anything people enjoy is the claim of influence from a figure known as Satan. It’s also a theme in various myths a widely feared figure is some kind of afterlife warden like Hades or Hel. Last night the Grammys aired, but I didn’t know it was about to happen till earlier that day. Then there was performance from Sam Smith and Kim Petras for the song Unholy (which I watched today), and are people freaking out. And by people I mean far right leaning religious crazies, as I would call them.

Like I mentioned before, art and other thing people enjoy are claimed to be influenced by Satan, like Lil Nas X, Heavy Metal, even the Beatles. Pokemon has been accused of promoting satanism and even Teletubbies. These claims are from the very same people who blamed 9/11 on abortion, feminism and other things. Then justify their fear mongering by claiming they are protecting children, when child abuse is rampant in churches, along with the cover ups.

Another claim I’ve often heard about those who “sell their souls” to Satan is they are doing to fulfill some kind of deserve, like fame or fortune. Basically a reward for pleading themselves. You know, that weirdly sounds like some from of projection, like, someone dedicating their life to a god so they can receive a reward in an after life of bliss where no harm can happen to you. That actually sounds like a cruel figure who only want to control others.

And perhaps those who claim to want to save others shouldn’t have a vast history of violence and terror.

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