Such Praises

You know, sometimes it’s nice to goto some events. Though they might be held for promotional reasons, you can sometimes get something out of it. Like when I was at Pride two weeks ago there was a flat for chipotle handing out cards for buy one, get one free. This is how many I got. I used one of them today before I got to a rally in West Hollywood after the Supreme Courts decision on same sex marriage, which is now the law of the land. Some people will keep fighting it because of what they have been wrongfully led to believe about the issue, but that doesn’t matter, because eventually no one will care anymore. Thought there are some people that still have an issue with interracial marriage, they are still a dying breed.

And did I enjoy that burrito. I’ll have my photos from that rally up later, I didn’t take much really, but spent much of my time petting dogs.

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