Superhero Pose

Something you can do in pokemon go is change the pose of your avatar. I never did it because I felt like there was no reason too. But in order to get some of the poses you either have to do some kind of task or you buy it with in game currency. Then sometime last week (possibly while I was in Hawaii) I found out there is a pose that looks like you are floating. And with me being a superhero wannabe, especially with the ability to fly I knew I had to have this.

So I took over some gyms hoping to get the maximum coins per day (50) for several days till I hit the number I needed. I’m happy to have this, plus I leveled up the other day with the help of an in game XP booster and sending in game gifts to friends gave me, I want to say at least 4 million points. Yet with all this done there is still so much more to do. And as the saying goes, Gotta Catch Em’ All!

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