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So sometime next month is the release of the movie Legion, now I’m not a religious person but I’ve always had a fascination with the stories, characters, and the creatures found it them which is in part why this movie comes to my interest.

now on the board I post on about scientology one guy started a topic saying “hey, lets photoshop the poster to make it anon related.” So then I figured why not, see what new tricks I can pull off and came out kind of nicely.

Angels and Demons 0

Angels and Demons

I made this before I did the comic, and not sure why I didn’t load this up before. Oh well I’m doing so now, at the time might have been my biggest most epic photoshop at the time. Was done spring ’07. the idea behind this was an angel and demon are battling each other, I have no idea whats going on so I went to check it out and attack me instead.